2017 in full swing!

Looking ahead to what God will do this summer!

We are looking forward to the return of those on an H2-b and J-1 visa!

Cape Cod is incredibly quiet during the fall and winter….TOO QUIET! For example, the town of Dennis has about 15,000 year-round residents. After Columbus Day weekend, many of the stores, restaurants, and even some of the hotels and motels close until spring. We know spring is right around the corner when the Kreame and Kone opens for business! In the summer, Dennis blossoms to 45,000 people!

We had dinner from the Kreame and Kone last night! Spring is coming!  And with spring, comes the international students and workers! I LOVE spring!

The beginning of March broke a few records! The Facebook group “Hello Summer J1 (Cape Cod, Massachusetts)” saw its 2,000th member! Housing requests broke 500! Correspondence with J-1 students is at early April 2016 levels. We can’t wait to see what God has in store for us this spring and summer! He is good!