J-1 VIsa

What is a J-1 work and travel and a J-1 intern visa

The J-1 work and travel program was created to foster goodwill among the U.S. and other countries. The students come to work, but they also come to learn about Americans and their culture. An applicant for this program must have been enrolled full-time at their university for at least one semester. They must also demonstrate a level of proficiency in English before they can apply for the program. An agent in their country will help them with obtaining their visas, passports, airline tickets, and possibly finding a job in the U.S. The agents are connected with Department of State approved U.S. sponsor organizations that will connect U.S. employers with the students. The U.S. sponsors are responsible for educating the students about the preparations needed to come to the U.S., their rights once they are here. The students must also check in with their U.S. sponsor once per month. They are also vetted by Homeland Security. After working for approximately 3 months, they may travel the U.S.

A student on the J-1 intern program also has an agent in their home country and is connected with a U.S. sponsor. They are vetted by Homeland Security. Their major in college determines the type of job they will receive. For 6 months, J-1 interns will work in one tourist area of the U.S. and then will move to another location for the remaining 6 months.

how do we help those on a j-1 visa?

share The Gospel

At every event, the gospel is shared and/or the students are given a gospel of John, a New Testament, or a Bible. Pictured above is Wan Jing from Malaysia. She heard the gospel at the events she attended. In October of 2014, she contacted us on Facebook to say she had given her life to Christ and was baptized.

housing leads

Through the Mid-Cape J-1 Housing Program we provide J-1 students with housing leads to landlords and host families. Imagine what would happen if these world-changing students lived with a believing family for a summer! Pictured above are Tamara and Snezana from Serbia who stayed with us in the summer of 2016.


“What kind of events?” you ask. Our biggest events are welcome dinners, Students hear about bicycle safety and Lyme’s disease. They can open a bank account. AND they hear the gospel! We partner with members of 13 Cape Cod churches who have put on the following events: surfing lessons, BBQs, selfie scavenger hunts, Kayaking, off-Cape trips, a ladies Extreme Makeover, cultural dinners, and a beach bonfire.


Through Papa Deny’s Free-cycled Bikes, students are loaned bicycles. Dennis will deliver, fix, and pick up the bicycles for free.  Last year, he loaned over 300 bicycles to J-1 participants and shared the gospel with them.  If your church would like to send a team to help Dennis fix bicycles or if you would like to donate a bike, you can contact him at papadeny@yahoo.com. At J-1 events, students are also provided with strobe bike lights and reflector vests.