“That’s how we roll in America!”, yelled A.’s American boyfriend as he dragged her across the gravel parking lot after punching her. A. managed to get free. She ran to get her things and hid in the woods. In the morning, she called us in tears, asking for a new place to live and a new job. We took her into our home and helped her to find a job in our area. One Sunday night, she came to church with us. The Holy Spirit was moving powerfully! A. went to the altar and gave her life to Jesus! She is now back in Romania and has worked with Teach Romania.

It is important to know the rules of American football before attempting to play the game! At one of our welcome dinners, D. was playing football with other J-1 students. D. caught the ball. The other team all tackled D. Then, D.’s team tackled him! D. went one way, but his leg went another way. After an MRI, it was revealed that he needed surgery for a completely severed ACL tendon. The night before the surgery, D., a Muslim, came to church. One of our volunteers led him to Jesus! The surgery was a success! God also miraculously provided his medical records at no cost and a stationery bike back in Kazakhstan!

T. from China had trouble adjusting to the heavy workload from her employer. She was also in a poor housing situation. People from our church found her new housing. She also came to several events. At one of the events, she gave her life to Jesus! Even though T. is back in China, she continues to post about the love of God, reading the Bible, and prayer on social media.



M., a Muslim from Turkey, came to church with some of his Turkish friends. They were given Bibles. For several weeks they continued to come to church! A few weeks after he was given a Bible, M. told our friend that the Bible gave him such peace! Before he went home, M. gave his life to Christ. He is now leading Bible studies in his town.